Friday, 11 May 2012


Over run with other peoples cats, we now cant leave the back door open as this little thing marches in
There has just been a fight between Pusseo in the cardboard box and black Puss who was on the veranda, this time black puss stood her ground and fought back.  We are not feeding this one, it belongs to the git who owns Pusseo.  Then earlier there was the big fluffy ginger car strolling around being pursued hotly by pusseo and black puss, I throw my hands up perhaps we should just put a heap of meat out front with a come and eat me ticket on it!!
Here are the Bouncy Wouncy boys ready for castle set up

I have just seen the news about the 5 little children killed in a house fire. 
My son who is a firefighter urges you to check your smoke alarms NOW please
What a dreadful tragedy, how terrible for all that knew them and how awful for the poor firefighters who had to find them.  I can say no more I am upset x

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