Saturday, 12 May 2012


Ah ha we have had a conversation with THE GIT, and big black puss is not we have the delight to wait for of BOTH of his new cats sitting in the queue outside our back door
Picture this, Pusseo on the mat, big black puss on the patio door window sill & ginger cool lurking under the garden bench, oh my!
I am going to resort to horrid dried food in the hopes that we can stop running in and out of the door putting out and taking in Pusseos food.  Now I know why I have never had a cat before!!
All this is going on whilst I am frantically trying to get all the stuff together for my Design to Stitch workshop on Monday.  Still I have been fortified by a Canary Wharf cupcake and am now leaping about with such a wild sugar hit, I shall suffer later but yum yum yummy
Paperchase carrier bag, wonderful
One of Katys African candles.  I could do with a larger version to shoo all the pussys away!!
Off to stitch in the hopes of this mornings efforts are now dry, oh and managed to burn my finger on the soldering iron, think Id know better?  Only human lol (ouch sympathy is not forthcoming in my house)

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  1. Too funny..........from no cats to your own little groupy band lolol hope they are all flead!!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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