Thursday, 29 March 2012


Whoooo its Easter hols, the sun is shining and I feel so very well
Even happier to buy some fabric [big] lol
I have been pawing it this evening
I wonder what it will become, so exciting to have lumps of pretty fabric and then turn them into something useful.  Beautifully bright fabrics that will glow with warmth in the winter time and look bright and cheerful in the summer time.
Hose pipe ban cames into force this week, so very early this year.  So all the water is being saved in the house to give the very thirsty plants a drink.  I guess we wont buy many bedding plants this year because of drought.
In addition to this, our very silly government has told us to top our petrol tanks up to two thirds full, just in case of a tanker strike, its chaos everywhere, our main route into town is chocablock with traffic queues at the petrol station and blocking the major route, I guess it must be some sort of perverse propaganda!, maybe its to help pay for the daft budget we have just had.  Hey if you want a hot cornish pastsy you can pay VAT on it at 20% but if its cold you dont have to pay it.  What a nonsense.  Actually makes me laugh its all so absurb
So to end here are some pictures of my beautiful but daft country

Happy lady birds x

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  1. Lovely countryside! Yes governments everywhere seem to have come up with the most absurd requirements. Makes one wonder where those in charge have left their minds. Glad you're feeling well. Enjoy your new fabric.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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