Monday, 26 March 2012


Masterclass day today, where students have been learning about motion with human form and stitching using such yummy fabrics as organza, Angelina & lace.
Stunning pieces are being produced, all in their individual way & I wish I had remembered to photograoh them.  This is the second in the motion series & a critique was in order for the pieces from the last class.  I am a truely blessed teacher with such wonderfully creative pieces being shown.
I shot this panoramic view yesterday.  Here in England we are having a glorious Spring, warm, clear and bright
This is the view from a different walk, one that I can now manage being so much better having stopped taking the diabetes pills. I was marching along through the fields so glad of having my life back
I have often shown pictures of my church below, however this is my actual parish church, unfortunately the gate was locked
If you look carefully you will see posts marking out the intented two storey extension, these stones will stay but the ones near the tree and the tree will go, I am very sad about this
Secret lane, where the fairies live
Yeah, some places are still for walking only
I found this window, which I had not noticed before and on closer inspection, look at the wonderul fleur de lyes
The colours are complimentary orange and blue & remind me of Provence
I am developing a new set of one off short sharp workshops called Quick Stitch Fix, to be launched on 7th April 2012 - Easter time, more details will be appearing over the following days
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