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Please note that DESIGN TO STITCH is not a drawing course, you do not have to able to draw or paint, if you can then fab, if you cant then fab too :-)
I will show you how to adapt the elements & principles of design, through technique into stitch -
I am a HOLEY MOLEY - Dale Rollersons year long internet group

I have been the invited artist & very much enjoyed developing ideas for the workshops.

We are on the last of the workshops & been provided with 15 ideas for beads.
YES 15 IDEAS - lucky us
This has been an excellent course, lots of information & ideas
Hopefully one day Dale will write a book on this & you can all share in it.

The reason I am stating this is that you may be unaware of how many ideas have been invented & developed by Dale.
There seems to be nowadays so much blatent copying of others ideas.  WITHOUT giving credit to the originator.
What is wrong with saying 'I learnt this technique from........'  or I have developed this idea from an article or workshop that I took / saw / read by ......

What a sad creative community we have become not giving links or credit to those (like Dale & myself & many others) to the originators of ideas

Okay it is difficult with something like a patchwork block or using bonding agents, that have been in the public domain, but I see on blogs and website blatant copying without a mention to where the idea was first seen
Some of the products like Lutradur & Evolon & Zeelon are so new that there is an originator.
In my Tantalising Technique workshops, I developed the ideas specifically for the workshop.  In my Smashees item making workshops each item is an amalgamine of techniques making original items.
Look at the image above.  This is hand felted & dyed blanket by Jemma Saunders of www Unique to her, then I have used SOYA wax & silk paints.  The cut a stencil of a bird and used the new product DECOLORANT to print the birds.  I am the originator of this combined technique.  If someone uses it to post on a blog or in a course all I am asking is ...I made this from an original idea learnt from alot to ask for hours of trialing out and
So come on bloggers give credit where it is due PLEASE


Hand dyed calico (Procion MX) Commercial stencil, Decolorant

Previous students of any of my classes or purchase of a workshop £10 discount
Early booking FOR ALL £10 discount
Can use both discounts
Makes a great Valentines gift
Workshop starts 1st MARCH 2012
Dont miss out
I have been asked if THE SMASHEES can be bought per workshop as they are complete items
So until 1st March 2012, each workshop can be bought for the BARGAIN price of £10
This is the lowest price these will be offered  at
See new page BARGAINS at the top of the blog
Buy using the new button on the side bar

Please email me at
If you would like to purchase these workshops separately

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