Monday, 6 February 2012


Its a grot outside, a grot in my head and a grotty on my lip...but sunshine has just visited in the form of my son.  He runs a SAFETY business, check out his website & follow the links to his ebay page for offers

Back to patchwork & a couple of traditional cushions
first a curved patchwork by hand using vintage inspired fabrics
A mariners compass that was a pig to piece, should have used foundation piecing but I didnt, I cut ans pieced all the templates and the fabric was stiff as well, but just the right colour

It also has part of my treasured Liberty fabric, bought in the Liberty shop in the Lanes in brighton, a long time ago.  I hoard these small pieces of this fabric like gold dust, they were so very expensive and I wanted a few of them so had the smallest cut they would let which was 10 cm, try doing a mariners compass out of that!!  I still love this cushion, its only 10 inches with a pleated edge & a huge stain which will not come off

Here is a bit of COLOUR BLENDING, using silk and the sewing machine & curved cutting, makes an interesting type of quilting
Try putting TWO threads through the SAME NEEDLE
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Try the same with black & white threads, making a blend of grey

How about this?  Picture of me manipulated in photoshop elements, ooooh scarey, but would make a good patchwork, love the range of blues with the soft yellow

Here is a tonal version, not so dramatic - I was messing about Andy Warhol style, shame I dont look like Marilyn Monroe

Gosh wasnt she a stunning woman- look at those cheek bones and lips, such a shame that she dies so young.
Dinner time now, wherever you are I hope you have a lovely day / night, thanks for reading

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  1. Also love your work..sorry you are feeling grotty...hope you are feeling better soonxxxxsend a message if there is anything l can doxxxxlynda


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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