Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hooray...I have made a discovery.......there is something outside of my outside...whoo hoo, roads....shops...SHOPS....ooh a plastic thingy that zips through a machine and buys things - like a new coat, a lovely new coat, a bright red huge new coat, very happy me, I, have wanted a new coat for ages
Okay its not fabulous and it is much too big but it was a bargain and it is wool and knee length so covers all my loonng cardigans that I am obsessed with and the sleeves fit and its red lol, I do look quite monsterous in it but I dont care, its warm and its red.
Then I have new shoes as well, they are pink, but they are running shows, when you have size 10 feet, getting running shoes that are not very manish is nearly impossible, but today they snuck up on me via my lovely husband and they fit and they are pink, oh bliss.  They fit as well (what is happening two things that fit and I LIKE them...nope love them) and finally a new dressing gown to replace the cruddy one that I use to do craft work in (well not really, but I do find that I go into the studio in the morning and evening and seem to do dirty work with the lilac dressing gown on, so its now cruddy around well everywhere)  Dave said promise to throw the other one away, silly man after 38 years he does not realise I can promise anything (Is that new...nope had it know how it goes girls)
I have no intention of throwing it away, its great for craft work and can now live in the studio instead of a boring apron
So lunch out, new clothes & a visit to a friend, its Christmas at last.  Coughing is subsiding, did have a funny turn but okay now, just tired

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  1. I enjoyed your post. We gals love to shop don't we? So glad you're on the mend.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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