Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hi, am totally fed up with feeling below par.  Creativity seems to be eluding me, have managed to stitch some traditional pieces of patchwork & done a little machine quilting, but as for developmental stuff ..poof...nought
I stitched this a while ago, it is on hand dyed raw silk & is all made of different colour threads, no painting or colouring
This is me (in my dreams) hohoho

A clever technique to try using a kitchen cloth, follow the grid

Patchwork using folded and manipulated techniques, also using my Clover Yoyo makers, which are easy and satisfying to make little Suffolk puffs, okay you can do it with a circle blah blah but these are so much easier and predictable, a favourite tool.  This piece is heavily quilted and the fabrics are commercial bright colours all from the same manufacturer

Lovely Lutradur, fragments of time, resembling the innarts of clocks
Lots of techniques combined for this textural piece.  I love doing this type of work along with macro photography, problem is in the area where I live there is no call for either
I am considering offering my previous workshop courses again
Smashees, Tantalising Techniques & Follow My Heart, also the original Yahoo workshops.
If anyone is interested can you email me on or leave a comment
It is hard to judge pricing structure as the take up rate is unknown when a workshop is advertised
Locally a day workshop 5 to 6 hours cost 20 to   50 English pounds.
Mostly one technique then make samples or a quick fix item
Online workshops usually cover lots of techniques, have the option to download and print off, to remember whats being taught forever.
How do you price that?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  I would love to supply a product that is eagerly wanted rather than a re-hash of freely available information
It seems that there is a trend towards videos.  I think that they have a place in enforcing a visual of a difficult technique but are not a substitute for the written word
I wish I could publish on Kindle - hmmm thats a thought
So please forgive me for my absence, moaning is not the intention of this blog
I suppose a freebie giveaway might get more comments, let me know if that would encourage you to comment
So over to you my creative readers - what would YOU like???
Thanks for reading & waiting x

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Hoping you feel better soon. I really like that piece you did with Lutradur. I live on the opposite side of the pond from you so I couldn't attend one of your workshops. However I would be interested in an online workshop or would really love to see you make DVD's of your courses available.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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