Sunday, 6 November 2011


Good morning for a beautiful England, I have just been out to capture these images.  Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter will know what to do with the images
This is the view from my patio.
The stickin the centre is in fact a beautiful lime green Acer, whose leaves have long gone

Cropped detail of the colours

Look at the wonderful SHAPES, LINES & COLOUR.  Dont just look really study & SEE
If you click on the image it will enlarge.  Look at the sturcture of the leaf, the thickness of the line, the marks made around the edges.  Look how the colour of the leaf on the right hand side is deeper bringing it forward and the leaves on the lefthand side are brighter and paler and are receeding giving the image FORM.  Assess the ACTUAL TEXTURE, the ridges and the mottled VISUAL TEXTURE.  This one image encompasses Design elements & principles IF YOU LOOK & SEE HARD ENOUGH
Goodness I sound like a school teacher, hey thats what I am!!!!!

I love shadows, ever since I discovered BRASSAI whilst studying photography.
Tints, tones & shades of one colour

Whereever you are in the world, see if you can find some interesting leaves to study

For those of you following on the NEWSLETTER, here are the reverse of leaves from my garden this morning, note how some are much more interesting than others in detail, also that some have more interesting shapes.  On the creativebrainedges blog, Dale has posted an interesting leaf from Australia.
Now I am going to 'be creative' with these leaves - results in the next newsletter (I will beat the chump I will)
Thanks for reading have a lovely day x

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