Sunday, 13 November 2011


Watching F1.  I was leaping about when Vettel went off at the second corner, not going to gloat until Lewis wins and Jenson comes second.
Beautiful day here after such a gloomy week.
I have Transfer printed with leaves.  Putting together the Page workshop on the blog and the Newsletter workshop.
If you join the newsletter this week then I will send you all the Autumn series which explains the leaf method.
The next one will arrive on Weds to allow you to create your background.  I have worked out the very simplest Mailchimp chump newsletter format and will stick to that, at least I can now post as many photos as I want.
Some NEW workshops will be appearing for sale soon and tonight the SPECIAL OFFER on Taking transfer printing further, which includes a complete project that uses leaves as an inspiration, comes to an end, so GET IT whilst its cheap & watch out for another deal.  The other workshops for sale are full price, they reflect the amount of work and the huge content that they contain.  If you are interested in one (or more) and want to know more about what they contain (I can only post one image in bigcartel) then please email me on

I am repeating the offer from last Christmas.  In that if you want a workshop as a pressie for someone, I will send it on a pre-arranged date and you will also get the workshop - so thats 2 WORKSHOPS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
Please remember that a workshop is NOT to be copied PLEASE.  You have paid, I spend a long time and money developing these ORIGINAL ideas.  Thank you have a lovely Sunday, thanks for reading x

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