Saturday, 12 November 2011


What a boring grey old week, dull and duller with rain and mist, at the moment there is no wind which is so strange as I live on top of a very windy hill.  The trees have dumped their leaves, wallop and our lawn is strewn with the most incredible colours, bright lime green grass so lush and golden yellow and orange leaves needing to be swept up.  After a period like this it usually gets really windy and the leaves fly around and hide themselves in the undergrowth, making a wonderful bed for all the little creepy crawlies that live in the garden.  Especially the huge big fat slugs that if we are not quick enough to bring Pusseos meat in, gorge themselves on cat food.  I have taken to flinging them across the lawn in the hopes that they are so slow it will take a week to get back to the patio. I do wonder what they think as they fly through the air.  Does not seem to bother the cat though that they eat her food.  Hedgehogs have disappeared now, probably making their beds in the leaves.  I am watching F1 qualifying at the moment such a wonderful looking circuit, all that money part of me loves it and part thinks its a terrible waste of resources.  I have many arguments with myself.

Yesterday we had the next workshop in the Happy Hornets charity days.  We have now wadded and backed the quilts for  Help for Heroes, ready for quilting, seemed appropriate to hold the day on Armistice day.  Very emotional day & my heart goes out to all the families and friends of our service personnel who are serving, have been injured or have given the ultimate sacrifice, that includes the fire service of which my son is part.  God bless them all for making our world a safer place

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