Thursday, 3 November 2011


Hi/  I have just sent the Autumn newsletter, it has some printing information, so if you are interested then please sign up.  I can see stats of how many people open the newsletter, it seems that so people dont look at it at all, I would love to know why, please leave a comment.  I always try to put come creative info, its not a promotional newsletter for sales even though I have some new workshops for sale on bigcartel and etsy )actually I must be honest I forgot to include them, I do hat Mail chump)
Any guesses what this is??
Enlarge the photo & have a guess
Off to bed as question time is 'a-doing my head in'!!!!!!!!


  1. I opened it but all the text was down the left side and assumed that was a design feature, is that right? it made it harder for me to read to be honest but I did cos was so interested in the leaf printing never the less! I may try that out on eco printed fabric myself..... thanks!
    The above pic looks like soap suds on a dark floor? but knowing creative you its probably more obscure and intrigueing !!

  2. I had the same problem. Wondered whether there should have been a photo in the space.
    Some people have their computer set to do not send automatic acknowledgements to try and foil spammers that may be why you don't always get an acknowledgement.

  3. Yep I got your newletter and can't wait to see what your instructions are concerning the leaf printing. I agree with liniecat, it looks like soap suds to me.

  4. Thank you Shelagh for both workshops they really are appreciated. Joan


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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