Friday, 21 October 2011


thToday was a typical October day.  Sunny, warm (ish), bright & clear.  I decided to walk early morning knowing that my village church should be empty except for the new flower arrangements.  A brisk walk bought me to the door and the peace & solitude that so eludes us most busy working days.  The sun was making window patterns on the walls.
Forgive the images taken with my phone.
These look like little happy people to me.
This is the font where my children were christened,  isnt it beautiful
Wonderful detail on the stone work
Part of our church dates from the 12th century
This is the main stained glass window above the high altar.  In the afternoon & early evening the sun streams through the window
This is the fabulous organ, the beautiful pipes with the window behind and the carving on the wood
The chunky heating pipes behind the pews.  Why am I showing all of this?

Well I got a huge shock on a board in the church are 6 proposals for UPDATING this wonderful piece of English country history.  A small congregation of around 50 and someone wants to...wait for it

Put in a new floor....get rid of the pews...update the heating ....GET RID OF THE ORGAN...put in a mezzanine ... no doubt make a shop,  an internet cafe and hold raves.

I am completely upset and angry, IDIOTS.  Okay life is a progress, that I certainly know but what about heritage for our children etc.  I hope it never happens, I pray it never happens
Sorry to sound off but dont you agree how lovely these features are?
I left the sanctury so very sad and trudged around the rest of my route with a heavy heart
By the overgrown pond I had a conversation with a random man & 2 dogs about it, he is still cross about the removal & dumping of the pulpit about 10 years ago & so am I

So cross was I that when I returned home intent on doing some creative sewing, I set to and pulled all the stuff out of my kitchen cupboards & spent the entire day cleaning and re-arranging & muttering.  All sorted now with charity piles and dumping piles & its too late to stitch so tomorrow cant come soon enough
I hope that you have a lovely weekend and if a visit to your church is part of it, really savour the building before some local idiot decides to ruin your heritage. Thanks for reading this angry babble x

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