Friday, 19 August 2011


Hi, I have just returned from....a fabulous very talented & inspiring ... a great venue...along with a really good friend & 6 other lovely people.  Brain hurts today!!

Our tutor Steph Redfern has just won a first at the festival of quilts in Birmingham with her book - STONE BIRD
Please check out her website & blog for images as I dont feel that I should post her work her on my blog.

I love her work

The venue was the RBSA in Birmingham, a lovely gallery with the most incredible pieces of jewellery & ceramics.  It is the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham
There was a huge church & small park nearby
We were fortunate with the weather being just right.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn - wow the most comfortable beds & 6 floors up Birmingham was laid out like a bumpy bedspread for us.  The lights at night were fabulous

Our evening meal was by the canal as it was getting dusk, such a beautiful area, vibrant, alive & historical.

Day two saw bleary eyes and 4 hours sleep
I have produced a few pieces of work which are now ready for stitch

The end of the holiday saw the most terrifying white knuckle ride the wrong way through Birmingham, I wonder what the pedestrian on the crossing saw as I hurtled towards him with a gigantic black monster stuck to my bumper, how we all escaped well.....

So it was to KFC we went with shaky legs - the only blot on a terrific couple of days

Teaser time! Arctextural Elements

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