Sunday, 13 March 2011


I maybe dinosaur age (well nearly) but I am making myself be 21st Century by beginning a FREE newsletter & joining TWITTER.  If you use twitter then please add me in (if thats what its called ) I promise to try & get up to speed on the 'speak'............. Suppose I should really get dressed & do some work, but the MONKEY got me from the newsletter site.
Its very basic, to begin with (great Oaks etc...please be patient) & I promise not to bombard you with information.  I am trying to make it a promotion & a FREE TIP / Technique /Link so it will be interesting & not just pure rubbish ;-)
I have not decided on frequency yet
I hope that it works!  Let me know if it does not please

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to the land of technology I go, with a muddled head, & plenty of 'said' ...oh...... blow X

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  1. l am not on twitter b ut my blog is if you want to add me to your newsletter file.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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