Thursday, 31 March 2011


Today I have sent out this months workshops

 This is a little taster of the SMASHEE workshop called DAFFY-FOLD-DIL.  Mixed media with a twist!
You can still sign up for all the SMASHEE workshops & receive all the previous ones, this one & the following three.  See left hand side bar for details

It is also the start of TANTALISING TECHNIQUES - This is Lingering Lutradur - explore the properties of a range of mediums for stitch.  You can still sign up for this fortnightly technique only series, there are six for one fee. has all the details

Both workshops - SMASHEES & TANTALISING TECHNIQUES can be purchased from  Payment is through paypal, sorry I dont accept cheques at the moment.

Both groups have a members only Yahoo Forum, much more information can be gained from there, should you join.

Finally, a big thank you to those who have signed up for my NEWSLETTER - it is FREE & sent at the moment on an ah-hoc basis.  It will always include, DESIGN & / OR STITCH.  This is a new venure through Mailchimp & I am 'getting to grips' wih how to do it ...slowly.
Sign up at the top of this blog

It is a windy, sunny & fairly warm day today - Happy Spring to you where ever you are x


  1. Holy Cow, Shelagh, thats some header and side wallpaper....sure opened my eyes this morning

  2. That is funny, yep it is a bit garish, gonna change it, I do love to suprise you!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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