Friday, 4 March 2011


 Here are images of Boro cloth, heavily hand stitched with thick chenille thread on a woven base.  Some of the fabrics are gifts from Lyn, thanks mate!
I love naive stitch & Raised chain band that is looped all over & then woven through.  My days of ordinary embroidery have gone & I love to experiment with texture effects.  I have also used string here & of course my beloved Perle 5 threads, variegated - is there anything else!!!!?

I produced this piece to encourage my City & Guilds Machine Embroidery students to deconstruct their stitches & to use up old bobbins.  Truly a Boro - Boro cloth from Lyn & Jennie, woven in Judes style & hours & hours of stitch
This is all machine stitch even though some of it looks like hand stitch, its amazing what an ordinary domestic sewing machine can do.
Just some ideas to show some of my technique repertoire!
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  1. Oh scrummy! Rich and different to the class result, way to go! lol
    You know every time I see your soy batik piece above, it reminds me of the Avatar movie special effects on Pandora! Sooo beatiful


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