Thursday, 24 February 2011

Oh such a perfect day

Oh England is so beautiful when the sky is blue & it is heading towards  50 degrees.  Fruit from the market, followed by pancakes & a lot of fun.  A peaceful invigorating walk or rather a mud skate through the pocket park, where we took time to watch the birds high in the trees, silhouetted in high relief against the bright blue sky.  We watched reflections of the birds & skeleton branches in the pond, where the water reeds had turned crisps dark cream & flopped over.  The peace & tranquillity were intoxicating, food for the soul.  Even now when it is late & dark I still see 2 birds dancing & playing with the slight breeze & calling gently to each other.  We reflected that it could be 200 years ago.  The  church spire rose above the trees in the near distance, creamy stone slantly lit by the afternoon sun
Dinner time was a feast with part of my family & the evening was spent with the Affinity group followed by a dash to the train station to return my loved ones to the hussle & bussle of London
I hope that your day provided you with uplifting moments
SMASHEE group - PHOENIX is coming!!!
Night all x


  1. Oh pancakes, is it Shrove Tuesday, or there abouts?

  2. pancakes.........slurp when?!!!!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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