Sunday, 19 December 2010


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We have been very very lucky here in Northamptonshire, there is snow lying on the fields & it is icy but the sun has been shining all day & everywhere looks so pretty

 December sunrise is directly opposite my studio window, on the shortest day it rises over the chimney pots of the only bungalow in the road.  I photographed the sequence & stupidly had my camera set on small quality so I have lost a lot of the detail duh!!
See the red sparkles, this is the sun catching on the frost, look liked little rubies & precious stones.  This is the roof of my kitchen, see the weathered barge boards, such wonderful texture, but will need renovating come the spring.  The frozen 'lumps' are infact leaves with lumps of snow on them.
I know that a lot of you have real snow, but sometimes just a little produces such wonderous effects.  My patio is speckled with little lumps of snow leaden leaves, such fun.
Charlotte the neighbours cat is still living in the cardboard box.  Most days when she is ot of the box, I dash out & remove her quilt & shake it & bring it in & warm it up on the radiator.
She does come into the kitchen now, but we must leave the door ajar or she goes very distressed.  She sits on my husband craddled like a baby purring away & sometimes will sleep (with the door ajar) on the kitchen chair & patchwork cushions.  We can only guess what an awful life she had as a rescue cat before our kind neighbour provided a home for her.  He is at work all day & I guess that she likes our company, well she loves my husbands company, she is ok with me & has once sat on my knee, right on the knees with all 4 paws tottering.  Beautiful cat how could anyone be cruel to her.

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  1. Bless you both for taking the time with her.
    Shell be more secure with you by spring.if you survive all those open doors!!!
    hugs Lyn


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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