Monday, 20 December 2010


WOW what a frost, its so still & the trees look like they are growing white fur.

In a couple of groups that I belong to, I promised to add pictures here of Ally Pally & the cloth Tarlatan
 This is Tarlatan, it is a stiff, openweave cloth.  I have dyed it with silk paint & overlaid it to produce colour mixing effects
 The cloth is used in the hat making industry & a friend bought mine from a shop off of Oxford Strret in London which I cant remember the name of.
These 2 images are stitched with mono-filament thread, you can jst see the flecky bits of white on the image above.  I dont use this thread very often now-a-days.  I used it so much when I ran my soft furnishing business & have many different ones from fishing wire through to fine hair like ones.  As I love to use heat tools, the iron, heat gun, soldering iron etc, this thread melts & pings so I try to avoid it, but it was right for this piece which was exploring colour & the stitch was playing the understudy
The edge is a ribbon.
 Here is Alexander Palace, the venue for the Autumn Knitting & Stitching show
To quote Jane Austen, it has a very fine aspect!!  Being on a hill over looking London, it is a stunning building
 This is the entrance, I bubble inside when walking up these steps

 This shows a close up of the entrance to the Palm Court, which I did not get an image of & blogger wil not let me add image after the initial upload grrr...drives me batty
 This is the fabulous window.  My Mum & mother in law used to go to dances here during the second world war, well may have been before the war, hmmm not to sure now of when, I will ask my mother in law.  My mum sadly is no longer alive.  But she is with me in spirit.
Off to get dressed!!! maybe I will get my camera extension tubes out & try & take some photos of the 'fur'

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