Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Photo paper

Following on from the last post, one of my tree pressies was a huge 70 sheets of paper for the Pogo,  Guess what I have been doing?  Sticky picccies everywhere.  My phone has quite a bit of editing software in it this phone was my birthday present from my children) I am still discovering what it does, but I have some lovely images printed which I want to use for design.  Today was supposed to be stitching day BUT I now have the Christmas cold that the rest of my family have had & one large sneeze resulted in a pulled muscle in my shoulder, oh ah.  So its ibruprofen, hot water bottle and a telly fest, roll on tomorrow; brimming with ideas today, bet they evaporate by tomorrow lol.
Waiting for the cricket; am staying up for a while tonight to watch it, how exciting...Barmy army...
Snow report from the holiday kids, thick snow & snowing all day in Austria.  Thick lying snow & freezing cold in Sweden...ha glad I am here in the thaw
Right cricket is on, off to see us retain the Ashes :-)

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