Monday, 27 December 2010


Santa, aka DD bought me this fab little machine.  It connects to me phone via bluetooth or USB cable & prints out pictures, yes it is a little printer.  There is no ink only Polaroid paper & its so easy to load.  The images are really clear & the paper backing can be peeled off to give sticky photos.  My bedside wall is now peppered with them.  It is huge fun & will be fab for designing. Maggie Gey was the instigator of this particular Christmas 'want' There is a cheaper version in black but the pink is fab
The photos can be altered etc in my phone cropped etc before printing and it takes about 20 seconds to print!!!  Stayed up really late on Christmas night playing with it & trying to get it to work with my DSLR camera.  It does work with cameras but mine wont work at the moment, so its off to find a bit of link software (hopefully) Cost of each print is around 12p maybe 20c

I also received money & have alreasy spent some on buying books, which wont be here until the end of the week.
We are quiet here now after three days of fun with relatives & friends.  I am shattered with all the cooking, clearing up etc.  DD has gone to Sweden until New Year & DS to Austria to ski, and I am going to SEW SEW SEW - workshops to write & explore and the SMASHEE WORKSHOP 2 is ready for the 1st January 2011.  If you have some seasonal cash to spend please remember that you will receive ALL the workshops (8 in total, 1 a month until 1st July 2011) whenever you join

I have a fabulous announcement to make but am holding back until 1st January 2011  I am very excited about it!!

It is beginning to thaw here & it is awful to see that those of you on the Eastern seaboard of America are now suffering what we have had in Britain since November.  Please dont send it our way :-)

Back soon with stitching piccies.  Hope you had a wonderful time x

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  1. This sounds a fun gadget, youll be able to do your own 2012 calender with the stunnign work you theres another idea!
    Happy New Year and a healthy, wealthy one too maybe lol X


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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