Sunday, 28 November 2010

More on Inkaid

I have been asked what inkaid is.  This is a product that you coat paper & fabric with to aid the quality of the image when using an inkjet printer.
Maggie Grey has a section in her book Mixed Media - new studio techniques that also shows the use of inkaid with colouring materials.
Ha have beaten blogger by making a collage, I know its not as clear as individual images but I will explain
Starrting at the top of the picture on the left
1.  This is a dark blue metallic card.  The whit is the inkaid splashed all over, the edge shows some colour as I used this card as a carrier for a piece of tracing paper that was too small
2 I have a large circle stencil from I painted the inkaid through part of the stencil onto black card & black fabric & Lutradur.  You can see the white at the top.  I used the white matt, but I also used the cler inkaid & found that just as good except of course you cant see it in pictures!! lol
At the right hand side is yellow mica spray
3  This is the tracing paper mentioned before
4  Below the tracing paper is white 70 Lutradur, covered all over with 3 different types of Inkaid, looks no different in real life.
5 Below the Lutradur is Evolon.  I painted swirls & dots & dashes,  You can really see the marks, this was white Evolon & this really shows how the printer ink looks on untreated fabric & treated
The large picture shows the stencil from the back side, dont want to waste any of the product as it is quite expensive.  I bought my 3 bottles from  But it can be bought from  I am sorry but I dont know of other suppliers in USA & Australia / New Zealand or on the Continent.  If any one does could they please leave a comment or email me & I can update this with contacts.
I am very impressed with this product, as I have been printing onto fabric since 1999.  I used to spray my fabric afterwards with fixative, used for fixing pastels to paper.  But it is very smelly & expensive.  I have an old Epson printer & these images were printed using compatabile inks.
When I studied for the A level in Photography I only used Epsom inks to print.  I found that the ink did not wash out of the fabric with these inks.  Maybe I was lucky, maybe the ink 'stuck' to the dressing in the fabric but when I gently washed it it did not wash out!!  I would rather use the inkaid now
There is another product that Maggie Grey recommends called GOLDEN DIGITAL GROUND - I have not used this (yet) so cant comment.  There is more information on Maggies site, click on this for the link,  I have only just started using this & it has been around for 2 to 3 years now.  In fact I did use it about 2 years, I borrowed it from one of my C & G students, but didnt experiment any further & the papers have sat around in the studio waiting to be liberated!!
I hope that you have found this interesting
I have done further experiments which I will return to at a later stage.  All I need to do now is to make the pieces into something.
By the way the image I used is on this blog & is my image on my FACEBOOK page.  This is a MARKMAKING exercise, coloured & manipulated.  I prefer to use one image to get a judgeable result.
Let me know if you have any further comments or advice on Inkaid or a reference to another blog, lets all play ANGEL TECHNIQUES....(as Christmas pressies to each other :-)

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