Monday, 29 November 2010


Tralala, my lovely Machine  Embroidery students & Pauline & I all had Christmas lunch at The Mews Cafe.  What lovely company, thanks ladies for a lovely time.
Well done Carolyn for passing, you can now crash out - so glad that you are returning, I would miss you.
CAT news - the neighbours cat, whom we feed has now decided to sleep in our garden on the garden bench on the patio in the sub zero temperatures that we are enjoying in November in England!!!
We gave her a cushion, next night a cat mat & a towel, the following night near midnight we made a hutch out of a cardboard box & moved the bench next to the house & the kitchen door.  She loved it and has spent most of her time cuddled up in quilts inside it!!
We spoke to her 'owner' about it, he cant keep her in the house, she runs out of the cat flap when he tries to get near her.  He is such a kind man.  We try to get her in our kitchen, she will come in as long as the door is open as soon as we shut the door she goes mad mieowing & scratching to get out.  She is a rescue cat & none of us know what has happened to her before she came to our neighbourhood
Oh chios have arrived yipeee, face stuffing time & trouser undoing.  Back soon......

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