Saturday, 2 October 2010

Trigeminal neuralgia

Yep thats the next thing I have got - Trigeminal neuralgia so along with TMJ, it all adds up to one hell of a face ache. Or just hell :(
Tuesday night I removed my tooth guard & nearly fainted with pain.  Imagine tooth ache on every tooth, shooting pains jabbing up each tooth, neck & sinus pain then you will get the idea.  I have had 2 wonderful children & had the usual rough time but the pain was nowhere near as severe as this.  By midnight having taken so many tablets I had lost count I was hyperventilating; my husband bundled me into the car & headed for out Nene doc.  She gave me the strongest pain killer that they keep.  Did a diabetes test & calmed me down.  The pills worked a tad & a sleepless night was followed by a morning trip back to the doctors for stronger pain killers.  The ones that I have are one step away from morphine, which I was promised on Friday if I didnt feel any better!!!  I made the doctor, who had a speech impediment, write everything down as by then I was a sobbing wreck.  Good job that my Dave was in there with me.
I stuffed the tablets, and strong antibiotics & some other tablets that are anti-depressants but used for nerve pain, down my throat and went to bed at noon on weds & didnt get up until 7am on friday.
Being a free lance tutor if I dont work, I dont get paid, I had already cancelled 2 workshops, including a new City & Guilds class.  On friday I had another workshop & we just could not afford for me not to do it.
Dave drove me to Poppy patch where I was so spaced out I felt like I was 'drunk' all day in charge of a FANTASTIC group of very caring ladies.  How lucky am I to have such a fabulous group of people, they could have been so unkind, but were so wonderful - thank you ladies.  When I returned home I was iching from head to foot.  I re-read the notes that come with the drugs to find that all 3 say iching & wooziness.  I scalled down how many that I took at tea time, went to bed after Strictly & awoke today with a feeling of being alive and no iching.  The pain is there but bareable at the moment & I feel tired now but oh so much better.
Sorry to ramble on with tales of woe and certainly no stitching to show.  I guess that I had a virus in my nerves & it went to the weakest point - the jaw bone.  Oh please never again.  I hope that you never get it.
Have a happy weekend, its great to be alive....


  1. I have a milder version of what you are going through. We are trying to help it with massage and destressing. I don't have the virus and that is interesting. I'm so glad you are getting some relief. I'm going to check in to your workshop. I want to do mure watercolors.
    Take good care.

  2. Poor you. It sounds awful. I hope it's getting better.

  3. Shelagh--_My late Father had trigeminal neuralgia several times and it was excrutiating. He found that accupuncture helped (and he got it under the NHS!) I hope that you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than teaching when doped up

  4. Shelagh - I'm new to your blog and your work, both of which I am hugely enjoying and admiring. Neuralgia is a foul affliction, but for all of the people I know who have suffered it, it has been only a temporary thing, so I do hope it passes soon for you.


  5. Holy Cow....the only thing I can say is get as much sleep as you can (drugged or otherwise) and get well soon.

  6. I don't know if you have this where you live but in Arizona there is a pain management clinic and they use lasers to help with this type of pain. I'm not sure how it all works but you might want to research it. I feel so sorry for you! I suffered from post-herpetic neuralgia (after Shingles) and it was quite dreadful but nothing compared to what you are going through. I hope you find something that can give you some relief. I just found your Blog and your work and am soooo impressed!!

  7. I had a bout with Trigeminal neuralgia once (courtesy of my MS) and hope to never, ever have that again!

    I found your blog from the yahoo sergers group (I'm Robbie) and WOW!! I'm blown away with your talent!! Your Creative Challengers class sounds wonderful--I was so glad to see it's online so I don't have to go to England (well, I'd LOVE to go there--if I didn't have to come back!) Anyway, tomorrow is payday and I plan to sign up....



Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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