Monday, 27 September 2010


Hiya from the land of awful face ache, yep its back again & with a vengeance.  Some of my very lovely C & G students are / were nurses & have sorted out my pain relief.  So I am hoping for a bit of relief.  Think it might need a trip to the Doctors & dentist in a couple of days if it doesnt go away

Remember in the GIVE-A-WAY EVERY comment gets an extra chance of winning.  Am on 68 followers now so only 32 to go.  Will I ever get there????? I really hope so.
Here is an image of one of the projects that you can make in the TRANSFORMING WITH TRANSFERS workshop.  This workshop is on Introductory offer until 1st October.
Remember that I went shopping a couple of face aches ago.  These were part of the naughty shop in Olney

Used the Smooch for the first time the other night on Lutradur & **LOVED** the effect.  More exploring I think is needed  -  but when to get the time
This was cheap shopping number two.
Look at the silly little finger painters what fun, great for mark making.  The ribbon with the holes already in is fabulous and I bought off white in the hopes of colouring it myself with transfers.  The gold metal sticky things will make great highlight embellishments.
I bought a Stazon black refill, actually wish I had not as I messed up my fingers & the desk by splurging (oh what a lovely word) it all over the place.
I into metal work at the moment so the pliers were an essential, but today I saw a better pair grrrr.  See the lovely silver leaf, I want to try using it with paper clay
There is also a curved incribed dangly thing & a huge roll of cheap double sided tape.
My husband has retuned from a shop today with lots of containers with lids that snap together for a pound for 2,  I just need to put things in them.... hee hee do you do that, get a stroage solution & then not fillit up straight away.
Am in the midst of filling up folders for the 4 new C & G courses, starting.  How lovely to have new classes beginning, all the exciting things they will make & learn.
Today it was my year 2 machine embroidery level 3 students. wow oh wow they bought in such wonderful items to knock your socks off.  What a talented group, what a very lucky tutor.
Off to flake out as feeling a bit spaced out with the pills, actually a bit lalalala, hope I am not like that tomorrwo, perhaps I had better go and eat, I can smell toast, maybe if I dip it in tea (ok sounds disgusting, remember I cant eat chewy things) then I can have some...hmmmm

Oh before I forget have made the links all work now, thanks for the heads up x

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  1. Oh my word love your book and would love this opportunity. I followed and I'd love to be entered in the draw. Thanks for such a generous offer

  2. Hello. Nice to meet you today. When I got my design work home I noticed one of my shapes wasn't quite what I expected it to be - will have to tweak it before next class. Don't want to be banned for bringing pornography with me....

  3. I feel for you with the face ache. TMJ pain is a big pain. Try both heat and ice in case one feels better than theo other or alternating feels better still.

    I am also curious about how to use the smooch--I bought some at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. So far I have only used it on a postcard which you can see on my blog.

  4. here's one more follower towards your century ShelagH! Thanks for the C&G class yesterday, looking forward to next time - Mo

  5. So sorry to hear about the pain - hope you get better soon Shelagh.

  6. Hi thought I'd become a follower - think I am number 91! so nearly there


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