Friday, 3 September 2010


Morning all, look what arrived via my nice postie this morning
Yes it really is, a user friendly EMBELLISHER or SMASHING MACHINE

It costs £3.99 & includes a small bundle of cut out felt pieces (plus postage) from
You can also buy it from Amazon.
So why does a teacher with an Embellisher & Hand Felting equipment, want to buy this.  Well I figurered it would be good in a classroom situation.  Very safe & very portable, & I am right !!!!!!
This is what I quickly whipped up with scraps from my desk
You can see the punch marks on this close up, I am thrilled with it, no plugging in machines, no watch out for your fingers, it can sit on my desk & I can use it to attach anything.
Get one before they all go at this price.  They have other machines as well, Airbrush, Foil applicator, gem decorator, attaching machine & silk screener.  Might have a look at those :-)
Oh and it also smashes to felt as well.
Off to play......

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  1. Do you know Jean got one of these recently and said theyd be ideal for kids to use in the class or for childrens worksops, cos theyre asafe method. But it never occured to me theyd be so useful to use whilst
    sat watching tv and save going upstairs and setting up the machine!
    hey Lidl have a £60 sewing machine at the moment, made in Scandinavia and you have 30+ twin needle sticthes on it plus all single stitches too. Worth buying to leave in twin needle mode surely!! Smart full size machine and no hardship if it only lasts a year surely!


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