Saturday, 4 September 2010

24 hours

Since my machine arrived, I have had a little play & produced a few little experiments
The first one is wool blanket & wool top & tulle, all held together with the little punching machine & then quickly machined
The second one is the post from before but twin needled to give further dimension.
The small green one is wool blanket onto cotton wadding, wool tops & tulle, but no stitch yet
The bottom 2 are just experiments using cotton fabric, wadding, scrim & desk scraps, Picasa only wants to collage like this.
I have had a go with organza & it works beautifully but have not photographed yet

LUNCH out today with a friend & her granddaughter.  Went to Bee Inspired studios (where I work) to visit one of my students who had a stall at a craft event.  It was full of traders.  Mostly with beads.  I bought a little button ring, really because it fit my finger & was only a pound.
My students had a lovely stall, very tastefully laid out, with some interesting cards & pieces.  I am not sure if I want to get into the selling at craft fairs, as it seems a lot of time & effort for not much reward.  A whole day sat behind a stall does not appeal unless I am demonstrating or giving lessons.  Met up with a few students & had a fun time helping one to pick fabric for a child's quilt border.
Lunch was at The Mews Cafe & a rather nice & huge lasagna was scoffed.  The granddaughter was very good for just over a year old & made me laugh.  Thanks for lunch friend!!!!

I have been to Barton Hall this afternoon which houses a collection of mainly paint artists.  There is a sculpture artist who works with metal & makes huge installations of people & forms.
I did not take any photos, was not sure if I could
I always view Angie Snelling's art.  She works with metal & braille. fascinating.  I stamped out my name in braille, this was a first for me.  I will have to try & add it to my art work.

This is a set that you can buy to practise.  I was very taken with her handouts & information packs.

The photographer Simon Loach works with human form & manipulates the image using digital software.  His presentation was ace, moody & dark & the photographs which I kept calling paintings were beautifully presented
Look at the detail on this image.  He told me that on one image he used an old battered sign & layered the nude figure (of a woman of course!!).  I thought that this image was fabulous, much prefer to see a man than a nude woman (yawn)
I was totally awed by the work of John Mcgain.  His website does not show how wonderful his visual texture paintings, beautifully presented in their frames, are
Visually stunning.  There was one (oh there had to be didn't there?) that I really wanted.  A really good price but more than I can afford.  Still it is a good day if you find something that you really want isn't it?
I had a long lovely chat with Sharon Read, her texture pieces I just drooled over.  Again beautifully & appropriately mounted, what a very talented lady, her studio was so classy.

She had some new work which was fabulous.  If you can get to the studios on one of the weekend days for the next 3 weeks then there is much to see.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing a snapshot of my afternoon.  I may go to more tomorrow!!!! or I may just see if Mrs Muse will visit & create my own......


  1. is that a new image at the top of the page? scrumptious!

  2. Now I work with braille, so if you need swearing words let me know!!!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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