Friday 10 April 2015


It cant be a month since I posted on here!
Ive been using my facebook page, studioapatchshe & shelagh folgate a lot recently.   My laptop has expired and Im having to put up with my DH laptop which has no photos and no programs.  Im off work this week, yipeee I thought and then as usual what happens, the dreaded lurgy strikes.  Still much better today even with a wavery voice.  A Skype with my grandson has cheered me up
Ive updated my website with new fabrics
Always like something a bit different and would not this make a super summer dress?  But Im sure I shall make a bag anyway.

Then I had this one, so very cute, do have a looksee.

The weather here is warm and sunny but with a kind of smog, which doesn't help my chest at all so Im staying out of it today.

Im hopeful of picking up again on my blog, I do miss it.

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