I've had chance to use my new Apliquick tools and sundries.
Two rods
Wash away applique sheets
Sewline glue pen
Domestic iron
Sharp scissors.
I printed designs through my normal Epsom printer onto the matt side of the wash away sheets. These are US sizes so wider and shorter than A4.
They fed through my printer extremely well. I am impressed.
I cut out each design. I chose difficult designs from my Stitching year spring design.
I used a dry iron and as the design was already reversed ironed the glue side of the wash away sheet onto the reverse of the freshly pressed fabric.
Using very sharp scissors I cut around the shape with under a quarter inch allowance.
I snipped the seam allowance nearly to the paper all round.
Then following Lynette Anderson advice, I ran the sew line glue just about 3 inches at a time.
Holding the forked rod in my left hand and the iron tip in my right. I held the fork onto the applique and turned the edge of the seam allowance with the iron tip.
It was excellent, terrific in fact.
Tools are around 25 gbp. Paper for 25 sheets around 9 gbp. Glue pen under 7 gbp. So not cheap to set up and alternatives could be the following.
Interfacing whose edge is not as thick as the paper, does not print well through my printer
Tacking by hand
Pitt stick type paper glue
Wooden skewers or lolly sticks.
But the tools feel lovely in the hand
I recommend all of it. I don't sell these products but if you love neat edged applique they are terrific.
Please pass it on, I'm very glad that I bought them. Now I need to make a little bag to keep them in.

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