Friday 27 February 2015

Civil War Quilts

Ive been a fan of so called Civil War Quilts since I first became interested in quilting history whilst studying for the City & Guilds diploma in textiles.  Although I studied British history, I couldn't avoid the rich American history & the colours & dyes of the American fabrics.
Barbara Brackman is a world renown authoress & has a superb blog, which at the moment is showcasing stars in a time warp.  Ive put a button on the side bar & I really recommend a visit with a coffee as the information is very interesting no matter what your hobby is.  Studying colour and pattern is always fascinating.

Reproduction star in madder-style prints by Becky Brown
Reproduction star in double pink prints
by Becky Brown
Ed's Threads of Memory quilt.
These images are taken from her blog.  To give you an idea .
Ive always loved stars & I feel very inspired to actually start making them again.
Here in England the weather has been very topsy turvy of late, cold, warm, wind, rain, ice... but today its beautiful.  I sat in the grounds of the town parish church this morning, eating a banana (Id just had a blood test, a fasting one) looking at the wonderful colours of the stone work in the sunshine, a fleeting thought that I should take a picture entered my head, but, I actually wanted to commit it to memory, no picture ever conveys the depth & the 3D effect & along with the birds having a lovely sing song, I very much enjoyed my moment in the sunshine.  Years ago our local town would be full of people and a thriving market, but this morning it was nearly empty at 10am, a few closed down shops in prominent positions was worrying, but there was a new shop a Marie Curie Cancer care shop.  Beautifully turned out shop, bright, airy and happy staff, but one downside of no changing room, however the manager said keep your receipt we will exchange if doesnt fit, I was astonished.  A very happy chatting man arrived along with a swag bag & engaged us all in his reveal from the bag, buzz lightyear.... and a story,  a doll and a story and two eggs which had something in them but no one could open, made me stifle a gleeful laugh.
I trotted onto Morrissons to meet my DH who was busy shopping, Ive managed to rick my back moving heavy bags of fabric after first doing it in (what an awful phrase) lifting wet washing, oh I do live an exciting life!
We bumped into 2 people who were our neighbours for about 20 years.  They are 20 years older than us and really never did actually chat to us, a half hour and their life story and ours later, we now have two very good friends!  The magic of a supermarket, a dodgy back & musak!
So Im sitting down resting, still playing about with my website, still wondering if to spend out more money each month on an improved website, still dithering.
Have a happy weekend, thanks for reading.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this Shelagh. Is it Kettering Parish Church you are talking about? Took me back to Ian's Christening and good times back then. The info on the Civil War quilts is amazing. Another blog to follow I think. Love your creations.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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