GELLI-DELI first steps

GELLI -DELI first steps with Shelagh Folgate
So what is all the fuss about?
Gelli plates
Deli paper

What are they? what do you do with them?

Gelli plates.  These are the modern version of MONO PRINTING plates.

Monoprinting - you can you plastic, polythene, glass.  Real printing is done on rubber that has give, so neoprene (wet suits) would work very well too.
Gelli plates can be made from gelatine, there are many instructions across the web, great for a couple of sessions as the gelatin does go 'off'

Gelli plates are expensive but if looked after will last for yonks....

DELI PAPER - this is very strong translucent paper with varying degrees of wax on one or both sides depending upon the make.
The make I am selling is not too waxy.  This is an advantage, in this series I will cover why in a later freebie.

 These are the supplies that I used for the pieces below.
Wooden stamps  & metallic paint from colouricious.  Speedball brayer
Rubber stamps from thethreadstudio.  These are a one off, any rubber stamp will work.  A piece of large bubble wrap

 Deli on the Gelli - Roll paint onto the gelli plate or your monoprinting plate.
The paint I have used is suitable for textiles, I have found through many years of experimentating through teaching City & Guilds that not all acrylic paints are equal.

I use good quality paints - always, the cheap ones are thin and smell awful.  I think that you get what you pay for.
These are excellent, I also like the screen printing paints from  System 5 acrylics or any good quality make
Good paints have better light fastness.
 Make sure that you roll the paint thinly and lightly, this takes a time to get right, but Deli paper is cheap

TIP....Start with the lightest colour, I started with GOLD
All of my paints used here are metallic.  Opaque and transparent paints will be covered in a later freebie
 I rollered my paint and using a SOFT straw I wrote BACKWARDS onto the paint and laid the Deli over using the side with the creased centre, the least waxy side of my Deli paper
 I rollered & then pressed a wooden stamp into the paint
Then added the Deli and smoothed the back with my hands
I then restamped the Deli with the same stamp
 Deli paper is translucent, this has the great advantage of this is that if the back is coloured it will show through to the front, this is what has happened here.  Turquoise stamp on one side and then gold and red on the other
 Writing & stamping and overstamping and colouring the back
 Printing onto the rubber stamp mat, then overprinting & colour the back
 Printing onto the Gelli plate 3 different times to LAYER up effects and then using the large bubble wrap and copper on the reverse, see how the circles show through
 Multi layers of printing and stamping

These pieces are First steps, collage, stitching etc to come

Although this is about Deli paper these effects can be achieved on fabric too

Enjoy playing.


  1. Beautifully vibrant, thanks!

  2. Fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  3. oh, this is a great guide for mono prints with Gelli Plates, after I made my first experience with gelli plates when printing calendar pages for the year 2015.
    LG Maren fom Ostfriesland in Germany


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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