Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mega excitement

Yesterday was so exciting. It seems the very best news arrives on the veranda at cransley village hall!
My son proposed yo his long yime girl friend in a hot air balloon above Brugges in Belgium, having whisked her away at 3am in the morning for a secret romantic weekend. A stunningly beautiful rin, that fitted perfectly was produced and she said yes.
Yey for us, a wedding hopefully next year. Huge congrats to them both. He has such style, the weather was perfect, they were the only passengrrs and the pilot captured her moment of suprise.  Sometimes life is just wonderful isnt it.
I was at the hall teaching my Lally bag class
Hopefully the pictures will appear below, as im on my tablet. The black bag is a student bag from my precut kits.
The others are my samples which have been finished today. I was much too excited to remember to photograoh the lovely bags the girls made
Back to the commonwealth games and the badminton for the last day.
Loved the events, hated the rubbish bbc coverage chopping from red button to bbc1 to bbc2 to bbc3 and back again, appallingband I really want to punch the piper and kathetine merry! Sorry to offend but she was a dreadful commentator and the bagpipes went on for too long. Outfits were ace and Glasgow put on a great games. Bbc get your act together or let sky do it in future grr
Well done to all the competitors except the cheats, if it was up to me a drug ban would be for life. My dh is an athlete,  he has to be careful even as a master. They have no exvuses as the great Michael Johnson says, each perdon is solely responsible for what they put in their bodies and mouths, hear hear.
Off the soap box now, need to go marinate my lamb!
Thanks for reading x

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