Tuesday, 12 August 2014


WOW - astonishing - Jo Pavey at the age of 40 with an 11 month old child has won the 10 K in Zurich.  I am in complete awe.  Congratulations to an amazing woman, a role model for mothers & middle aged women everywhere.

Back to the Festival of Quilts - Ive not forgotten, by now there are pictures everywhere around the Internet & I cant get mine off my phone, sorry, will try again tomorrow.

In the meantime
Ive  at last posted my PRECUT bag & cushion kits to my website



All Limited Edition, exclusive to Studioapatchshe, all details on the website, size, prices etc & a buy button!

In addition just in some beautiful New fabric by Red Rooster, I love Red Rooster cloth.  Favourite things in beautiful blues, creams & brown
Here is the stripe, newsletter is due out soon with a way of using the stripe as a freebie.  At a very  special price of £7.75 per metre

Back to the Gelli Deli play time.  Ive sold out of Deli paper & Im not sure if I will restock.  Im cross with the post cost of a few sheets of yummy paper.  If I can solve this then I will sell it again
Gelli Deli supreme, yummy.  More to come..

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