Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Well I am always dramatic!

Hi, Ive been grandmothering with tales to tell, seems if you are going to travel then make sure its not when I am!
Last Thursday (gosh nearly a week ago) I went to work for the morning, teaching a super group of very clever ladies, at lunch time DH arrived to whisk me to the station.  I sauntered home , Id oodles of time.  Arrived at the station with 10 mins to spare to see the train arriving on the centre of the station.  I dont know about red bull giving wings but I suddenly went into manic flight mode and with two heavy bags ran up the long staircase 3 stairs at a time, at the top of the stairs my legs buckled and i staggered into the wall, the momentum spun me round and I slithered along the wall until I got to the hole where the down staircase is (was...English SHelagh) I sort of slid down the stairs and at the bottom crashed into the train & hit the first class door button, to my utter surprise it opened.  By now I couldnt speak.  Fortunately I was in first class, a, treat from my beautiful daughter.  I slumped down, the train was going by now & magically like Mr Benn, the guard appeared with the free tea trolley.  The guard appeared 3 times more, bringing gifts like the magi, crisps, biscuits, drinks.  I think he thought I was going to conk out on him, lovely kind man.
So off to st Pancreas I went, with the inevitable delay....
So onto the tube (underground), you know the one where it is forbidden to talk, look at another person or indeed exist.  Change of tube at bottom of escalator.  Goody straight on, then oh what did the board say.   ?  4 stations later after rubber necking at each station, I got out (Stratford) Olympic park, super memories from THE games.  I was on the wrong train...duh, oh well never mind wait for another one (okay its getting boring sorry but I am going to spit it out)
There had been a delay so all the tubes were stacked up in the tunnel, eventually an Epping tube arrived hooray!
Bumping along, ...a voice shouts, this is a central line train to Debden....W H A T
panic over thats before my stop, phew, doors open a man gets on, sits opposite me, doors close...this is a central line station to Loughton...  the new main shouts W H A T, this is Debden, then I break the golden rule and I say well it was Epping when I got on, then it was Debden, blah blah, ALL the people stop playing on their phones, tablets or whatever and stare at me including new man, who looked a bit peeved (think I stole his thunder heehee)  So off we go and get off at Loughton & I am a lemming and I follow everyone across the station onto a waiting tube, sit down, coat off, pick up the Metro paper lying next to me & then burble burble burble, everyone gets up and runs OFF the tube, followed by me & the run across the station onto another waiting tube, I grab a man (and I mean grab) clever SHelagh...not..WHY are we running onto this train, he extracts himself from my vice like grib and shouts in my face ..cause its going,,,somewhere else, I didnt understand, so I sat down, funny though no one sat any where near me.......
Ive gotta go work now, the tales continue, oh and a bit of stitching to come soon too.  If you got this far, I pulled my stomach muscles and bashed my shoulder, oh & Ive tooth ache too, lalala....

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