Saturday, 29 March 2014

Through the wires

Two heads half a world apart are being put together again in a new creative challenge, which Im sure will involve Deli paper!
Ive found out why Ive a lot of enquiries for one particular fabric, seems that Fons & Porter have a quilt made of it in a magazine, ah ha, there is now a world shortage it seems.  I even went to EQS yesterday & had a looksee

This is the lovely fabric, which is completely sold out, to America, where it came from, not a good carbon footprint here.  Called Close to Home, there are others in blue & in black, both lovely, If I could find the pattern Id see if I could suggest an alternative colourway.  Perhaps Ill suggest an alternative to them!

Its been glorious here today.  Ive been pricing, photographing, uploading, parcelling, cutting & bopping around to Enrique on The Voice!

Lewis Hamilton is on Pole, taking the British record today from Jim Clark,  congrats to him & good luck for the F1 grand prix tomorrow.
Its mothers day here tomorrow and Ive the best day to look forward to.  Ive a lovely bunch of Interflora roses & freesias, a smashing lunch & all my family together.  Life is good.  I hope whereever you are you have a lovely day too
Thanks for reading x

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