Friday, 21 February 2014

Olympic medals

I think the Winter Olympics have been excellent.  I have enjoyed watching the new and the old events & I am thrilled that we have won a gold, a silver and two bronze medals
Congratulations to all our team for their bravery and skill
I have made a small quilt top inspired by the Sochi quilt.  Being a bit Deli paper obsessed at the moment, Ive forgotten to take a picture,  Really I must tell the truth I more than a little obsessed by my grandson, who is so captivating.  At just 5 months hold he  can hold a spoon and scoff down food whilst sitting in a fab little high chair that attaches to our table.
We went to local Morrisons today to get organic vegetables, nothing, nada, not a single organic anything.  Dreadful I was disgusted.  Now it will be a trip to the awful Tesco to see if they have anything. I wonder if its the awful floods that we are having here in England?
We also looked for bibs with sleeves.  The only one we found was plastic & on opening it found it to be split.
So the next project for me is to run up a few out of my lovely fabric.
He can now roll front to back and is really trying to roll back to front.  He is very vocal and happy and smiley.  Sorry to be no pictures.  He has simply made my life
Here is a piece of Deli paper.  It is now cured ready for stitch, however it will have to wait in the to do pile whilst I play Nana
Have a lovely weekend, I know I will.  Oh by the way Deli is back in stock, but be quick its shifting fast.  Here is the link
I am putting together a creative Deli pack. more about that soon

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