Tuesday, 7 January 2014


STASH DASH  -  Bag yourself a bargain

 - 8pm Tuesday 7th Jan to 9pm Friday 10th January 2014. gmt

30% OFF all fabric on the website.

Discount will be refunded via paypal & P & P adjusted
Parcels posted Monday 13th January 2014

Grab yourself a huge bargain  HERE  www.Studioapatchshe.co.uk   STASH DASH

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  1. Hi Shelagh, Happy New Year to you and yours hun!
    Hows the eye doing?
    I was reading about the lutrador on the newsletter, what a really useful find, thanks for sharing the info, must try that when I find the box with the lutrador in lol
    Did you ever try using glue stick or marvin medium, leaving the marvin to go off slightly, then pressing the foild down firmly onto the areas glued-ded?
    That ahsould also work but it will come out in a distressed manner, as in, there n there!
    By the way should there have been a picture with the copper foil recipe?
    I say this only because for the life of me I cant 'see' the result with my minds eye, despite reading the insts again but then, as you know, I am often mentally challenged anyway : )
    Or have I missed the point and it was a mystery make it?!
    In which case, Ive already failed lol duhh


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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