Friday, 13 December 2013

Not unlucky thirteen

Well nearly as its evening now here in ENgland, dull grey old day.  Im watching Boyzone at 20.  That statement smacks of closet viewing lol.  But I like some of their songs, then I shall watch ABBA  double lol.  ahhh I guess you will never read this again.
Onto stitching.  Some of the bags are now bacik n the hall awaiting sorting out, but Ive had no time today, such a long list, my eyes have given up on me now & my studio stinks of fixative, gets down your throat.
On my walk along the secret lane I found this, how beautiful are these colours and proportions, just the little bit of Autumn left on the right.  Supposed to mean a harsh winter with so many berries.
This is Decolorant on hand dyed linen, I thought that it looked very Christmassy, modern Christmas
Bit of printing been happening great colour combination, my favourite stencil
More images as Im on the computer.  Watching ABBA at 40.  40 years, Im not that old am I, good grief 40 years.  Never thought that when I watched them my son in law would be Swedish.  SUch a good looking race!
Blogger wont let me post any more pictures so Im going to return to ABBA
CHristmas class at Wing tomorrow, then SUnday off hooray!!

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