Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Legs 11

Enchanted forest.  3d work , one of the pieces made this term. Just a week to go and next thursday is a freebie day for all my students who have supported me this term put on as a sit and sew as a thank you.
I watched the choir last night, what a good program really enjoyef it, gollowed by last tango in halifax which was silly but funny, nice to curl up under a quilt and indulge a couple of hours of good telly.
Off to the dentist soon yuk.
I am not giving out Christmas cards as I prefer to send a donation to diabetes uk.  I object to paying 50p for a stamp. I do wish that addresses were put into Christmas cards and also letters, each year we receive lovely cards and have no idea where the people have moved too. Such a shame

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