Sunday, 8 December 2013

Late eight

Busy stitching day today. I made a Christmas stocking for my darling grandson. No pictures im keeping his textiles to our family. Selfish I know sorry. But it has personal elements. Then I made little bags to hang off his advent calendar. Followed by a bag to keep all his Christmas textiles in.
Then a little cushion. Yesterday I finished off his pram quilt and a wall banner for myself
The image today is off one of my students tree hanging, lovely
Im on my tablet, I have no idea how to add more images, so just one
No more stitching now as ive burnt my right hand index finger on a saucepan ive had for 35 years and ive never done this before grrr and double grrr, typing this is not easy. Seems I should have soaked it in cold water for 20 mins, I thought 5 mins was long enough.

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