Monday, 16 December 2013


I cant count, seems like I cant read either, what a plonker.  Im a whole day behind.  I cant work out how that happened.  What day did I miss?
SIlly me. grand announcement I will post a textile image a day during December, then I miss one.
Today is day 16 - yes 16 SHelagh,
This is weird,  A photo collage of some slightly dead flowers, maybe this represents my daft brain!

Had a wonderful workshop today with my terrific students.  Masterclass using de-construction of an object with a history.  Some really thoughtful & impressive design work for the book we are going to make.  No images, they are on my tablet & hooray I am on the laptop so I am hopeful of more images will work.

There are two new Scraffito fabrics on the website

This one is triangles in taupe, grey, white & black,  It goes so well with the other Scraffitos I have.  There is also Chicken Scratch!

Scrim in a frame & a favourite of mine stitch in the holes

This is me!  An exotic location.....Great Yarmouth!  Great atmosphere
Cant get any more out of blogger now
But I hope that Ive served my time.... Oh talking of time, did you see the program with Prof Brian Cox on physics & Dr Who, terrific.  Time indeed is relative, hooray!
Back on the 17th with number 17 yeah!

Freebie workshop locally on Thursday peeps 10.30 am to 3.30 pm, see you there

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