Friday, 20 December 2013

20 Hilarious

A trip to town today, got up sooo late had to be after lunch, a very meagre lunch due to the over indulgence yesterday,huge lump of fantastic chocolate cake made by Sally, so fantastic.  Buffet food at lunch and in the evening.  So breakfast was just a pear, hungry until lunch, then energy to go shopping.
We only needed a few things, like the bank, wrapping paper and mushrooms, oh yes mushrooms.  My husband went on and on about them. He does not eat them, very odd
SO bank we went no probs and hunt for wrapping paper that does not cost as much as the pressie or be so thin that a sneeze makes a hole.  On the way we got sidetracked by a huge pile of plastic boxes, many many styles.  There followed a happy haf hour the two of us, trying out boxes, lids, colours, amazing how happy some things make two simpletons like us.
The boxes are for the fabrics that I sell, but there are so many types.  Still we found 8 that we liked and along with three huge rools of paper, 3 pillows and 4 rolls of sellotape (yep big time spenders here) we set off for the jam packed car park, I was carrying the boxes, trudge trudge, just outside the job centre the lid of a big black box flew off and whacked me firmly in the face.  My husband completely creased up, he has waited nearly 42 years to see me get whacked in the face, hahaha, well it was not hahaha, I plonked the boxes on the railings and started waving the lid around and just missed hitting a car.  I had tears rolling down my face due to a whacked nose and he had tears due to finding it all so hysterically funny, we arrived in Morrissions in such a silly mood, after dumping off the boxes, normal shopping ensued.  At the check out, my daft old man suddenly shouts hey Barry and proceeds to have a stupid conversation with an old friend who was 3 tills down, only problem was that Barry is a notorious  person, full of tongue in cheek fun, Dave was being normal ish and Barry was being Barry he sauntered up to us and some poor un suspecting man happened to walk by and Barry shouted here is one of my lovers.
I was so gobsmacked the man well I wish I could have photographed his face, he legged it with his trolly and the till lady, myself and a few others all ended up almost screaming with laughter.  Okay not so funny written down but at least a day of Christmas cheer!
Hope you have a good hysterical day as well, a good laugh really does cheer you up, not so much a sore nose though.
I cant get any more photos to load.

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