Saturday, 23 November 2013


Phew Ive been updating my webblog, all evening, seems like all week!

Ive added a few Youtube videos, not mine, not yet, thats on the list, now that my eye looks better and I dont look like a monster any more, I might succumb to the video age!
Here is the link

Here is Vanessas lovely quilt.  I do wish I could find her to tell her of my new venue and courses.  I am still missing the following people.  Norma from Rothwell.  Joy, who makes stained glass.  Ann from Bedford.  Pauline with the new Bernina machine.  It is such a shame, especially now where I used to work is closing that these people cant be contacted.  If any one knows them please ask them to email me or leave a comment on here or go to the website and write on the contact form HERE

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