Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Thank you so much for all your good wishes, with regards to my Grandson.  He has just arrived home.  It has been an extremely traumatic time for all of us.  He had an infection which is not yet clear which caused him to have seizures, the first of which occurred whilst he was being cuddled by me.  One of the single most horrific experiences of my life.  We were blue lighted to hospital, I was so distressed that I was sick in the ambulance.  He had to have a lumbar puncture, full spread antibiotics into his little hand and a brain scan.  He also has severe reflux, a word I had never heard of and now hate with a vengeance.  I pray that this is the last of his traumas so much for a little one.

In the mist of all of this I have met some truly amazing people.  I think most of the human population is incredible.  Taxi drivers who helped far more than they will ever know.  Nurses, calm Doctors, even cleaning staff, all were fabulous, but the ambulance medics were real stars, I wish them every good thing that life can offer.

My friends have been so supportive, thank you, you know who you are, you fill my heart with joy to know you x

I will return now to the theme of my blog which is stitching & ranting mostly, which is not being trite, but life must return to normal.  Getting rid of my rotten cold would help!
I have lots of new fabrics in the shop
This is one of a range of 7, by RJR (Red Rooster) fabrics called AROUND TOWN.  I have an obsession with calling it about town, down town, up town, my brain is addled!
Its a lovely fabric, at the moment there are not many shops with it available in the UK.  It is priced at £3.75 per fat quarter, which is a good price.  My new postage rates of £1 for one fat quarter & £1.75 for over 2 metres, makes it very competitive.
There are also dogs, flowers, sprigs & bicycles.
I think thats enough promo for today.  I am going to put my feet up & try & get rid of the coughing
Thanks for listening x


  1. I'm so glad to hear your grandson is better - thinking of you all!

  2. glad is all well. it must have been extremely frighten for you all . x


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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