Friday, 4 October 2013

Tomorrows workshop

Hi, busy week both physically & mentally with emotional thrown in as well.  Saw lack of sleep. Want to go to bed now but DH band is rehearsing in our bedroom, half an hour and they will be kicked out
Tomorrow is Taupe Flowers workshop.  There are a few spare places. Email me if you would like one.
There are packs of fabrics available
Lovely quilt using Japanese Taupes & Essex linen
Contact here, 10 am start

This afternoon was a panic.  Weeks ago I received a letter from DVLA saying I needed to update my photo driving license.  I read the date as 19th October so filed it away in the October file.  Got it out yesterday to see that it was 19th September, ahhhhhh.  Being a bit tired, stressed & hamsterish.  I panicked & thought I would have to take my driving test again (yep I know what a wally)  So off to the General Post Office this afternoon armed with old license & phot license and twenty quid, yep countries gone mad.  Very lovely lady said no worries we can do it all here for you for another four pounds fifty pence.  £24.50 for a photo card when I dont look any different, grrr.  SO into the booth I go and she tells me to take my glasses off.  My old photo has glasses on and I dont want a photo with my horrid cancer scar showing for ten years, so I made a bit of a fuss.  SO off she goes to get advice and comes back and says well if you want your glasses on then you have to get a photo elsewhere for five pounds.  Huh???  By then I was so fed up I said okay take it here.  Well a lady walked past her and looked at the screen & could barely contain herself.  If I had had my eyes closed I could have past as a corpse.  The daft booth flash was so bright that I only needed a powdered wig to look very 18th century.  DH will be in hysterics when I get it in two to three weeks time....  Oh and they send away the paper and the photo license and give you a slip of paper to show the Police, should you be so unfortunate to get stopped.  Well I hope Im never stopped with the new picture, cause they will send me to the station to give everyone a laugh.
Then I went to Morissons to get a new iron because one of my workshop irons sort of smoky blew up.  But they only had expensive ones and got embroiled in scrabbling about on the floor looking for a poor old ladies money.   Such is life! x

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