Friday, 18 October 2013

Software Electric Quilt 7

Next week end is the Malvern quilt show.  Rio Designs will be there along with the wonderful Electric Quilt software
I have succumbed
I have been using Electric Quilt  since 2002.  I figure its time for an update!  I have Quilt Pro - I hate it. Complicated & over blousy, irritates me so much
I am hoping that the new software will do what I want.  Lawrence, the man from rio, says it will.  I wonder if I should give up sleeping hmmmm that would be about 5 to 6 more hours I would gain, hmmm maybe zombie is a good look!I will keep you posted as to how I get on & there will be freebies and maybe even a giveaway oooooh
Facebook pages are building which is exciting.  I just need to figure out how to do the metatags for the search engine bots...anyone know any pointers?

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