Friday, 6 September 2013


At last, my shop is OPEN for business

Please visit
for Fabric
Classes & workshops

The FREEBIE that I promised is also posted on there.

I still need to do quite a bit of work, but I guess that I could go on and on and never launch it.

Fabric sales at the moment are UK mainland, but if you would like to purchase from anywhere else, then please use the contact form on the website ( or leave a comment on here or email me.

I am very excited about this.  A new fabric shop & a new venue for my local classes
Cransley Village Hall, Loddington Road, Cransley, Northamptonshire

Previous & new students are very welcome to this fabulous venue.  Lots of space, light, comfort & free parking.
Existing classes & brand new classes are offered.
All the details over on the website

It seems to me that I went to sleep on the 3rd of August and woke up a different person!

New website - my very first & its such a lot of work, I do admire anyone who does this for a living, very tiring.
Lots of lovely lovely fabric, so hard not to cut it and use it all up myself, and much more arriving weekly

New venue for my workshops, so much better than where I taught before.  The workshops that I have already taught there have been very successful, we LOVE it.  Come along and join us, lots of workshops from half day, full day, clubs and Saturdays.

BRAND NEW items to make & blocks, older ones still available.  Modern & traditional patchwork, I try to keep my finger on whats current whilst still appreciating traditional methods & designs.  A 21st century stitcher thats me!

A slimmer much more active me, Ive lost a whole stone in weight, whoo hoo.  Normally such a struggle for me, I am marching across fields and up hills, looking at colours and textures, making notes on my phone lol

My face is slowly healing, the 40 minutes a day massage with Bio Oil, seems to working in breaking down the lumpiness of the scar, although it is very hard to keep rubbing for 20 mins at a time.  If I dont do it the side of my face feels as though there is an elastic band attached to my forehead pulling it up and making me gurn!!!

So please wish me well.  Not the greatest economic time to start anew, but the saying fortune favours the brave and brave I must be, 60 years old now & very grateful for my life & my family.

We are still awaiting the new arrival, a few problems have surfaced, but hopefully all will be well.  QUilt top and bottom all ready for quilting when I know his NAME.  I am waiting to do this, to write a message to him from Nana in my quilting.

You would not believe the tip my whole house has become, with items and fabrics all over the place.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that with hat on and a towel round my shoulders I ventured out into the sun (Im not allowed into the sun without full sunscreen, which I hate, hate, hate) so I had to sneak, and photograph some of my textiles for the website, oh did I mention it,  heehee

Thanks for reading x

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