Saturday, 20 July 2013


Jamie Malden from Colouricious taught a wonderful workshop gor Kettering Embroiderers Guild today
I highly recommend her. We were provided with an excellent apron to print on, copious amounts of a really good fabric paint and around a hundred  Indian carved blocks.  Jamie explained how the business started and now supports I think 40 families in India.
The blocks are hand carved
The morning was very well structured with ideas and a format, I am always a rebel and sort of did my own thing
Apron is curing and I will post it when heat set, I am extremely pleased with it as I am more a line and texture bod than a patterner.  So I challenged myself to stick to the class format......ish lol

After a lovely lunch we could pick from a whole one metre pieces of beautiful hand dyed fabric, there were many to choose from, then commercial stencils were provided and a very good lesson plan ensued.

I am very impressed,  not an easy thing to do with me I must admit

We did not have to clean everything which was astonishing,  however all but one woman mucked in, I am cross with her if she reads this you are being told off, as a guild we all pull together and not scarper and leave it all to the FEW !  The same few who do everything

So a nig thank you to Jamie, I look forward to another workshop soon, if you are going to Festival of Quilts please visit her stand and buy a block or two and support this venture

I am now going to buy the block I really want from Colouricious

I have not yet eorked out how to upload more than one picture from my tablet, so just one gor today,  Jamie with her sales boxes

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