Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Here we all are resplendent in our block printed aprons from the workshop with Jamie at Colouricious
Yes it was windy, I look like a wild professor, have no idea why I have two aprons on lol
Such a good idea & such a good workshop
Here is another of my tablet playing images, move over Hockney the textile artists are coming
I am now going to TRY and fix my printer which will not print yellow, Ive ordered 6 yellows really cheap ones in the hopes of getting it to work or it will be bin time, because I want to print these on fabric, or I could just get fingerprint to do it instead
I guess I have been inspired by the block printing and making myself do patterns for a change from line and texture
I am awaiting my Christmas Patchwork fabric to arrive and before long will have
LE GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT to make (hopefully)
Im off to the hospital for pre op assessment this afternoon, then the dreaded week next week, but before that is a secret and then a birthday
Thanks for reading (2 pictures ha on puter, still cant work it out for tab lol) x
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